payment methods for canadian casinos payments

Unless you are playing for fun or with a no deposit bonus, you have to make a deposit to enjoy the casino games. And if you win, you have to make a withdrawal. When it comes to payments, you have a lot of different options. Each and one of them have their advantages and shortcomings. Learn how you can enjoy safe and secure deposits and fast withdrawals from the casino.


There are quite a few things to consider before you are making your first deposit at the casino. The option you choose to make your deposit will determine whether you are getting a casino bonus and how fast you are going to receive your withdrawals.

With a lot of options, it can be tricky to find the payment methods that suits you best. Because of this, it is well worth spending a few minutes considering what you consider as most important.


Today, close to all payment methods gives you instant deposits, or at least deposits that are available on your account within seconds or minutes. All deposits methods available on Canadian Casinos are also considered safe.

But, should you just go for the first option presented to you? It depends. Due to regulation, you have to make withdrawals using the same method as you used to make the deposit. And this is where you get the trade-off. Some methods are not qualified for the bonus, while others have a few days of transaction time when it comes to withdrawals.


As with deposit methods, the options available for withdrawals are safe as well. What makes them different is how fast you are going to receive your winnings. With eWallets, you can receive the money within 10 minutes after they are sent from the casino, using bank transfer or credit cards, it can take up to 10 working days.


KYC, or Know Your Customer, is a security measure that all regulated casinos have to do. Or, the customers have to do. This action is taken to prevent fraud, money laundering, and identity theft.

Normally, you have to provide photos of your ID, proof of address, and your payment methods. This process can take some time to complete, so to enjoy as fast withdrawals as possible, we recommend verifying your account as soon as possible, even if you haven’t won and want to make a withdrawal yet. A bit of good advice is to verify your account on all casinos you are registered at in one go, and as soon as you register.

By doing so, your accounts will be verified, and you will not experience any delays when you want to make a withdrawal of your winnings.

Payment Methods

We can divide the available methods for payments into 5 groups, each consisting of several different options with similar qualities.

Bank Transfers

Safe and instant deposits. But, you could risk waiting up to 10 working days until you receive your money. Still, bank transfers are very popular. They are easy to use and qualified for casino bonuses. Some options, still not available for Canadian players, like Trustly Pay n Play Casino payments have instant withdrawals. Hopefully this will soon also be available for us.


iDebit is a great bank transfer option for Canadian players. You do not need any credit card to gamble online. Use the user-friendly iDebit option and enjoy instant and safe deposits. When making a withdrawal, you will normally get your money within 5 days.


InstaDebit can be used by anyone. To enjoy the user-friendliness you have to register an InstaDebit account. This will work as a link between your bank account and the casino. InstaDebit is a great option for safe deposits and withdrawals.

Credit Cards

Credit cards have similar qualities as bank transfers. They are safe and easy to use, they are also qualified for casino bonuses, but, it can take some time to receive your winnings.


Using VISA, you can enjoy immediate deposits that are both safe and qualified for bonuses. But, you can expect to wait up to 5 days to receive your funds when making a withdrawal.


MasterCard gives you both safe deposits and immediately available funds on your player account at the casino. When it comes to withdrawals, not all casinos are able to process these to MasterCard. Hence, you can expect to have to use bank transfers after winning the big prize.


Instant deposits, and the fastest withdrawals. The downside is that eWallets are normally not qualified for Welcome Bonuses or other promotions.


Previously known as Moneybookers, Skrill is the most used eWallet for online gaming. It gives you safe and secure deposits and fast withdrawals.


Neteller has become one of the most used eWallets. With this payment method, you can enjoy safe and instant deposits and some of the fastest withdrawals.


ecoPayz has been used by Asian gambler for quite some time. Now, players all over the world are embracing this because of safe deposits and fast withdrawals from the casino.


Vouchers for casino deposits are a very safe payment method as you do not need to provide any sensitive information about your bank account or credit card. But, if you win, you can not make a withdrawal using this method. Normally you will have to make a withdrawal to your bank account.


Paysafecard is a very good option to make deposits at the casino. But, often it is not qualified for bonuses, and it is not possible to make withdrawals using this method. Paysafecard can be bought at Canada Post and gives you instant deposits.


There is a lot of innovation going on when it comes to payments. Cryptocurrencies is one of the latest. Still, it is not widespread and it is difficult to find good Canadian casinos offering crypto payments.